Spencer Johnson

Having been in the construction industry since 2004 Spencer has a long passionate history of building. From San Diego to Napa Valley, he has had the opportunity to work on many projects and says the satisfaction he feels knowing that people will be making memories in spaces he has helped create brings him the most joy. Having had the opportunity to work on many midcentury homes jump started his enjoyment of modern and contemporary homes, although truth be told the finish carpenter in him loves a project with traditional and intricate moldings. Green building and home performance are two things he enjoys and is excited to explore more with Cellar Ridge. When not working on projects or cabinetry and furniture pieces he can be found outdoors. Being an avid motorcyclist from a young age he enjoys exploring the mountains and forests of Oregon. Also, a lifelong horseman he enjoys working with young horses and like building a home seeing the hard work and long hours payoff is what he enjoys most. Having obtained a psychology degree from Cal Poly Pomona he feels that this has aided him greatly in working with everyone over the life of a project. As a project manager he is always looking to provide an incredible project that not only the clients but anyone who steps into the space will enjoy, from helping tack out the initial survey to the hand off of the project all the details matter.