“What a process from start to finish this project was for us. We were somewhat doubtful on that Autumn day we brought Cellar Ridge into the house we had not yet purchased. We wanted this stark old house to work for our family, but it seemed as though there were several lifetimes of work to be done in order to bring it back to life. Yet with every photo that Carson snapped while wearing a wide grin and with every, “we could move this here” and “we could open that up there” that John and Carson uttered, our excitement grew.

That first day turned out to be very representative of our relationship with Cellar Ridge. They continued throughout the entire project to keep us afloat with new excitement at every turn. And there were many turns. They helped us prioritize the plans to fit our needs and budget. They trudged along with us through the murky, ever changing waters of The Bank.

They remained optimistic yet realistic when we had a vague idea of changes or additions we wanted to make; they would talk it over with their team and we would end up with our idea, only so much better than we could have imagined.

Their employees are professional, creative and talented. They supported and encouraged the reuse and repurposing of many materials, which is important to us personally and helped to keep an authentic feeling, true to the spirit of the house.
Because of Cellar Ridge’s high level of commitment to excellence and excitement in rejuvenating an old house, it is now the place we thoughtfully call home.”

With gratitude,