To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to highly recommend Cellar Ridge for any of your construction needs. John Mead has done an outstanding job at meeting our needs and desires for our house project. My wife and I have had a unique experience during our home construction which resulted in having to find a new general contractor in the middle of our construction process. We interviewed several potential contractors. Mr. Mead took time in each room of the house to listen to our desired use and appearance of the rooms. We felt the interview with Mr. Mead was far more complete compared to the other contractors. Since hiring Cellar Ridge, our project has been running smoothly. Mr. Mead has been running a tight schedule to get our home completed in a timely manner. He has approached us many times with questions so the house will be completed the way we have envisioned it. He has also given us time to make decisions so we have never felt pressure or rushed to make a decision before we have been ready.

Mr. Mead runs his business in a very professional manner. We have been given written documentation for every decision that has been made. If a change is made, it is discussed, documented, and signed by both parties. At the end of every month Mr. Mead conducts a tour through the house to show what has been accomplished and what work will be starting next. He is available by phone for a majority of the time, and if he is not, he is sure to call back within a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Mead also responds to emails in the same manner. John Mead is conscious about the materials he uses in his homes. He strives for an energy efficient home. John is always doing research to find materials that you as a customer needs or wants and is able to offer many choices. His crews have also been very clean and have done quality work.

While Mr. Mead has far exceeded our expectations with all he has done for us and our project, we have been most impressed with his character. He is reliable and trustworthy. He works hard and truly enjoys helping people achieve their dreams of a home. Mr. Mead is a great listener and gives sound advice. John also has a great sense of humor and has a very positive attitude.

We hope this letter is clear in recommending Cellar Ridge.