Cellar Ridge was first introduced to us by our real estate agent while we were looking for property in the McMinnville area. When our first deal fell through, Carson stepped in and actively participated in finding alternative possibilities. We soon learned that this enthusiasm and taking ownership of the process are indicative of how both John and Carson work.

Our project consisted of part remodel, and part new construction, to create the vision of our dream home. We have undertaken such projects a few times before and were well aware of all the problems and issue that can arise when the home owners’ dreams are shattered by the contractor’s reality. Never before have we been in the position of being able to call our contractors friends at the end of the project. Carson was quick to gauge our personalities and vision and successfully identified an architect and interior designer that would work well with us.  This triumvirate made the process an enjoyable experience – almost totally eliminating the frustration and anxiety that invariably occur. The new construction/remodel presented its challenges, but thanks to Carson’s scheduling of material and subcontractors, daily site visits, attention to detail, and ingenuity all problems were resolved with minimum impact on schedule and cost.

Cellar Ridge uses a small stable of subcontractors with whom they have built a good relationship over the years, guaranteeing tight scheduling and high quality. Throughout the project there were not many days without jobsite activity and frequently two or more trades worked side by side.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the process was Carson’s communication with us. He was always available for questions and constantly kept us informed about issues and progress. He also actively engaged us in the discussions with the subcontractors, creating an atmosphere of participation and ownership for all parties. Building our home with Cellar Ridge has been a rewarding experience with a high quality home as a result. What started out as a project with considerations for environment and energy conservation ended up earning LEED Platinum status at no additional cost to us. This would never have happened without Carson’s caring to go the extra mile at every step of the way.