West Hills Remodel

Water Conservation

  • Low flow showers
  • Low flow faucets and fixtures
  • Dual flush toilets

Energy Efficiency

  • Reclaimed wood from a Carlton, OR barn used for paneling
  • Reclaimed wood from a Carlton, OR barn used for wood island
  • Reclaimed wood from an Illinois warehouse as a mantle
  • Reused existing free standing tub

Sustainable Materials

Indoor Air Quality

  • Spero low formaldehyde MDF trim (no added urea-formaldehyde)
  • Zero VOC paint
  • Haiku ceiling fans
  • Occupancy controlled bath fans


The People

Project Manager: Zack Geary
Designer: Mary Beth Branch, Branch Studio
Architect: Mary Beth Branch, Branch Studio
Photographer: Doreen Wynja

By The Numbers

83– Exposed light bulbs in lighting package

1 – Secret door connecting the kids’ bedrooms

70 – Coats of varnish to equal wood island finish

4 – New windows added to increase the view of the city

23 – Number of years the upstairs was left unfinished

691 – Board feet of reclaimed wood used throughout the project

2 – “Big Ass” energy fans