9th Street Remodel

Water Conservation

  • Low Flow Faucets
  • Low Flow Showers
  • Low Flow Toilets

Energy Efficiency

  • All ducting in conditioned space
  • All lighting CFL or LED
  • Energy Star certified appliances

Sustainable Materials

  • Infill lot within walking distance to local amenities
  • Job-site recycling

Indoor Air Quality

  • Occupancy controlled bath fans


The People

Owners: Wes Mutchler & Shelley Williams-Mutchler
Project Manager: Kye Grenko
Landscaper: Christopher Lane LLC
Photographer: Kelsey Adams 

By The Numbers

8 – Red oak shelves to match oak floor

1400 Ft – From Cellar Ridge Head Quarters

84 – Year old home

40 – Foot tall ivy plant removed

3– Friendly neighborhood cats

1 –  Clawfoot bathtub found buried in the back yard