Cellar Ridge Construction is now ten years old! To honor our years of success, and welcome the community to our new office location, the Cellar Ridge family decided put together a grand Open House celebration June 24th.

Organizing the event was no small feat. With over 70 attendees, the office was bustling. Wine, beer, San Pellegrino, and several large platters of tasty treats from Ribslayer were offered at the event to feed hungry guests.

As our friends, fellow community members, business partners, and clients arrived, they were greeted by a chicken tractor parked outside our building’s entrance to commemorate Cellar Ridge’s La Casa Verde chicken tractor races.  Zack pushed the chicken tractor with two flat tires all the way from the Granary District to our office just for this event; he’s a real team player. Sitting next to the office entrance was a TV screen displaying a 400+ page slide show showcasing the rich history of Cellar Ridge Construction projects. The walls of the main space were decorated with photos of completed Cellar Ridge projects. Memories from past groundbreaking ceremonies were displayed depicting owners breaking a wine bottle on an excavator- a classic Cellar Ridge tradition. The photos on the wall captured the glee frozen on their faces mid-bottle smash.

Our younger guests were found running between legs, or standing in front of a computer monitor playing the goofy chicken tractor races videos featuring Zack Geary, our chicken tractor champion. The adults gathered in the conference room to sip wine. Above the wines available for tasting was a canvas print of the winery they came from as all were completed Cellar Ridge projects:  Elizabeth Chambers, Chapter 24, Saffron Fields, Flaneur, Britain/Winderlea Vineyards, Purple Hands, and Day Wines. This was our way to say thank you to the wineries and to give cheers to future winery projects. Outside, Mallory, John Mead’s daughter, charmed her outdoor audience with her lovely vocals and guitar as the crew fired up flatbread in the Cob oven.

All ages enjoyed the trivia game we put together for the event full of fun facts about Cellar Ridge. Some of the questions include “What’s Cellar Ridge’s groundbreaking tradition/s” and “What was the cute little creature that was stuck in the wall of our new office that we feed on video?” Check out the photo gallery above to see the rest of the trivia questions and the corresponding answers. Everyone who filled out the trivia was engaged and eager to learn about the history of our new home.  Every half hour, one lucky person that filled out their questionnaire was awarded a custom Cellar Ridge water bottle.

Fun was had by all. As the 7 PM end time came and went, many friends of Cellar Ridge continued to enjoy the Open House for an extra two hours. We also stayed without noticing the time- a good party is hard to leave!

Thank you to everyone that came to our open house event and celebrated our 10 year anniversary and new office with us. To see an amazing drone video of our 10th Anniversary Open House Celebration, click here.