Riverbend Organic Farms

Their Story

Located at 35711 Helms Dr, Jefferson, OR 97352, Riverbend Organic Farms is a 500 acre farm with over 400 acres of blueberries located in Jefferson, Oregon. They also dabble in growing different varieties of blackberries, raspberries, black raspberries, and currants in order to observe different variety traits and characteristics. Harvested by both hand and machine, their blueberries are sold for both the fresh local markets and for processing.

Agricare, Inc., a company whose headquarters is in California, is the managing and consulting company for Riverbend.

The People

Owner: Agricare
Architect: Hans Kretschmer
Project Manager: Carson Benner


35711 Helms Dr.
Jefferson, OR 97352

By The Numbers

126 – Wheatland Ferry Trips for jobsite visits

38 – Re-lights in office

7 – Kittens found in crawl space

23′ –  Length of conference table

5 –  months to complete project