Crosby Hop Farm

Their Story

Their Story

Quality at the Source

Crosby Hop Farm is a leading hop grower, merchant, and processor. Our offerings include sustainable Willamette Valley Crosby® grown options as well as quality grower-sourced hops from around the world. As a Salmon-Safe certified grower and Certified B Corp™ supplier, our unwavering commitment to our customers and stakeholders is rooted in our core values of quality, innovation, sustainability, and community.

History of the Crosby Hop Farm

In 1855 Charles Crosby came across the Oregon Trail at 18 years of age. After making his way to the California gold fields, Charles then moved back to Oregon and purchased 160 acres in Linn County where his son, Albert Crosby, was born in 1859. In 1900, Albert and Mary Crosby purchased 160 acres of the McCormick donation land claim near Woodburn and began growing hops at the present site of Crosby Hop Farm, thus beginning the Crosby tradition. Albert’s son, Edgar, stayed on the farm and continued farming hops until approximately 1960. Edgar Crosby Jr., born in 1924, was raised on the current farm, and he and his brother Don began their farming careers around 1944. Kevin Crosby was born in 1958, and began his farming career after high school in 1977. Blake Crosby, a 5th generation Crosby hop farmer, carries on the Crosby farming tradition today. Thanks to massive ice age floods, rich volcanic and glacial soil from eastern Washington was deposited across the valley floor when the waters subsided, making the Willamette valley extremely fertile. A massively productive agricultural area, the valley was widely publicized from the 1820’s on as a ‘promised land’ of agricultural prosperity and became the destination of choice for the oxen-drawn wagon trains of emigrants traveling west on the Oregon trail. It was during this era, in 1900, that first generation hop farmer Albert Crosby planted the first hops into the rich soil that is still producing our beautiful Crosby hops.

Water Conservation

  • Low flow faucets
  • Dual flush toilets

Sustainable Materials

  • Dyson Air Blade Hand Dryers
  • Remodel existing building
  • Job-site recycling

Indoor Air Quality

  • Zero VOC Paint
  • Occupancy controlled bath fans

The People

Owner: Crosby Hop Farm, LLC
Designer: Cellar Ridge Construction
Project Manager Zack Geary


8648 Crosby Rd. NE.
Woodburn, Oregon 97071

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By The Numbers

5 – Miles of new roofing panels

2 – Dyson Air Blades

1979 – Year of the microwave that still works in the break room

41 – New blades used to polish concrete floor

3 – Errant hops plants adopted by Project Manager