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Water Conservation

Water Conservation
  • Low Flow Faucets
  • Low Flow Showers
  • Sub-Surface water infiltration system
  • Rain water sub-grade infiltration system
  • 100% on-site storm water management

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency
  • All ducting in conditioned space
  • All lighting CFL or LED
  • Energy Star certified appliances
  • 8″ thick dual 2×4 walls with thermal break
  • Dense-pack blown in fiberglass insulation
  • R-60 (24″) attic insulation
  • R-38 underfloor insulation
  • R-35 wall insulation
  • Extensive air sealing package
  • Energy Star certified appliances
  • Electric car charger
  • Energy efficient on-demand water heater

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials
  • Job-site recycling
  • 50%+ Post Consumer Recycled Metal Roofing

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
  • Spero low formaldehyde MDF trim (no added urea-formaldehyde)
  • Zero VOC paint
  • No carpeting
  • Radon mitigation system
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator

The People

The People

Owners: Debbie and Quinn Stepan

Architect/Designer: Field Work Design

Landscape Architect: Ground Workshop

Landscaper: C & D Landscapin

By The Numbers

– 3 structures + 2 breeze ways = 194′ long hall way

-1 putting green

-2 indoor fireplaces 2-outdoor fireplaces

3- porcelain tile showers

-1 underground wine cellar

-4 timber frames

-3 glass pocket doors

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